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Selfie Challenge is a very fun photography tool that will present you with different challenges to meet using your Android device and its camera.

Selfie Challenge is very easy to use. Each time you tap the photo button, it will show you a challenge such as 'take a selfie in an elevator', 'take a sad photo' or 'take a photo cross-eyed', etc.

You can take the photo right away and complete the challenge, or save the challenge for later on the list of pending challenges. In addition, once you take the photo you can share it on Facebook or Twitter, including a message.

You can also follow other Selfie Challenge users, just like you can with Instagram. You will see their photos and you can rate them or even leave them comments, so you will get constant feedback.

Selfie Challenge is an interesting app that is able to turn something as simple as taking 'selfies' into a fun, original activity.

Requires Android 2.2.

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